Research visits are typically for one semester but longer or shorter visits may be arranged under reasonable circumstances. Researchers are provided a reserved library carrel for research purposes, subject to availability. Researchers do not earn a degree, but receive certification of their participation in the program.

Participants in our Visiting International Researcher Program are typically required to audit at least one class of their choice per semester, though they may choose up to a maximum of two courses unless circumstances warrant a heavier course load. Though auditors are not tested, required to write papers, or given grades or credits for these courses, they will be required to abide by the instructor’s attendance policy for each course in which they are registered to audit. Classes typically meet two to three times a week on campus. 

It is the expectation of Wake Forest University School of Law that each Visiting International Researcher will actively participate in the program through consistent attendance in all audited courses, frequent visits to campus to utilize the resources available, and timely response to all communications. Students who fail to fulfill the expectations of the program may be subject to dismissal.